About Us

Allicock Enterprise 

The Allicock family of Guyana started its business in commodity trading and farming in 1780, our family specialize in organic and high yield farming utilizing nature, in our amazon rain forest farming facilities. Because of our farming we are able to retain by-products associated with the land such as minerals, timber etc. which enable us to offer a larger scope than just agricultural products to the world market.  

Allicock Enterprise is formed to create a world wide business enterprise, supplying health and Organic food products with a great focus on diabetic and gluten free products, we also supply coconut oils, coconut milk, a large variety of tropical fruit & vegetables for all, but with greater focus on vegetarians and weight watchers, we supply a variety of peppers, precious metals & stones and a large variety of other Minerals, and twenty five varieties of tropical Timber. 

Allicock Enterprise is established in Guyana where our farming, mining, and logging facilities are, but we have also established our presence in Ireland to supply the European Union, Dubai to supply the middle east and Asia markets.